The Hardaway High School Tower of Power


The Hardaway High School Tower of Power

Nicole Blair, Contributor

The Hardaway High School “Tower of Power” marching band is taking over– zooming straight to the top and not looking back! These marching Hawks have put in overtime working to achieve their goals. Some even gave up part of their summer to work on new and improved tunes. Yes, I said new and improved!

We may be a small band, but we pack a powerful punch! We are one band, one sound. Our band director, Mr. Adam Mitchell, teaches great discipline and responsibility. He also makes sure everyone is doing their part by splitting up all the jobs and responsibilities between the sections and section leaders.

To prepare for a game, Mr. Mitchell has us do breathing exercises and conditioning sessions. He makes sure we practice our music and moves until we get everything down pat. He also makes sure that no one gets left out or left behind. If there is an obstacle standing in the way of our performance, he makes sure we knock it down.

Want to know how we got the nickname Tower of Power? Our main tunes are from the actual band Tower of Power! Songs like What is Hip, So Very Hard To Go, and Soul Vaccination. We also play hype music like Lifestyle, Centuries, Fight Night, No Flex Zone, and Anaconda.

Ethan Lamb, our amazing drum major, also takes on big responsibility by not only leading the band but the Dance Team and Color Guard as well. These are a few words from him: “I would recommend marching band to anybody if they are willing to put in the hard work.”

Marching band involves making a commitment and working hard, but it all pays off when we perform for our fans. It all comes together on the field, and that is where we know it is worth the effort. We mix our music– old school and new school–to keep the crowds on their feet! This year we will reveal our best! Don’t miss a game!