Artist of the Week


Who is she?

Aida Muluneh is an Ethiopian photographer and contemporary artist. She was born on 1974, and has a BA in film, radio, and television. Aida also played a part in founding DESTA (Developing and Educating Societies Through the Arts). Her work has been shown at the National Museum of African Art in Washington, DC. Aida is also the 2007 recipient of the European Union Prize from the Rencontres africaines de la photographie, in Bamako, Mali, along with being the 2010 winner of the Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione della Fotografia (CRAF) International Award of Photography in Spilimbergo, Italy. Along with these awards, Aida is also currently the Director of the Modern Art Museum inside the Addis Ababa University. Aida is the curator of the first international photography festival the Addis Foto Fest.

Her art style:

She prefers manual photography and monochrome images, and has stated: “In this digital world, I think every photographer should get his or her hands dirty in the darkroom. I am still having a hard time accepting digital photography and having 20,000 images to edit every time I go shooting”, and “Truth is either black or white. Human elements are exhibited though it. Black and white is the foundation. Color is tricky. But whatever I use, my focus is capturing light.” Aida’s works are bold and use strong primary colors. Her art is quite surreal, using strange colors and bold lighting over the photos.

Her work can be found at: