The Pieces of Me

By Caylin Carter

The Pieces of Me

Caylin Carter, Contributor

The pieces of me help develop who I am

Pearl necklaces from the resurrection of Christ

If you don’t work hard you’ll get nowhere in life

Do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it again

Brought out the mindset of following through with everything until the end

Hot days, red dirt, and fresh cornbread

You need a perm on that nappy head

Mother’s day in the park

Catching fireflies in the dark

Provided the piece of origin in my heart

I am 6 a.m. catch deal on the side walk

Philippians 4:13 allows the self growth of a bean stalk

Currently I am a piece of old pictures,

 the love of after church cookouts, and a piece of sweet potato pie

I am the mixer, the sugar, and the crust mmmm l,

Toughened from all the fuss

Today I stand tall

Got up from every fall

Because of it all

I’m constructed from the pieces of me