Where I’m From

Where I'm From

Jasmine Reed, Contributor

I’m from Noodles

From steamed pots and hot dogs grilling

I am from dirt roads

(Honey sucker flowers that smell like sweets)

I am from the thorn bushes that poke you if you are near em

Whose full garden I remember

As if they were my own,

I’m from ice cream sundaes,

From Karen and Sheldon

I’m from the geeks

And the southerners

From sun up to sun down

I’m from the all mighty that helps my soul

With a small book

And ten scriptures I can read myself

I’m from Red dirt and ranch dressing

From coffee to corn

From the scars of my Vietnam solider grandfather

To the eyes of my blue eyed mother

Under my bed was a scrap book

Full of old memories

Most faces I don’t seem to recall

To drift away as I dream

I am from those moments

Gone before my eyes

Till this day Ill continue to keep my life alive