I’m Coming Home

By Ivory Alexander

I’m Coming  Home

Ivory Alexander, Contributor


It may be too early to tell what I will be,

The future is too bright to see.

The new King and Queen will be crowned this year,

The day of that awkward dance is drawing near.

The cowboys and future presidents are coming for a visit,

Those days of dress-up and school pride are high in spirit.

The tensions are through the roof and the players are nervous,

The taunts of our enemies are doing us a disservice.

The band, our brothers and sisters, toot their horns,

We hear the excited announcer on the bullhorns.

Our predecessors cheer us on from above,

Our senior crowns are to them our labor of love.

Gentlemen, all you need is a suit and tie,

Ladies, go buy a gown and come get your guy!

Don’t forget to shout our brave players a quick hello,

Now go beat those Blue Devils and make their tears flow!