Life as a Scorpio Woman

By Jasmine Reed


Jasmine Reed, Contributor

They say nothing hurts more than a bee stings

wait until I sting

I’m a Scorpio – so warm-hearted  and hypothetically

I tend to take everything so deeply. I’m sensitively

I speak my mind and I’m blunt.

I only do those things because my heart is so alert

I am kind-hearted and I love to give and be there for people

Scorpios tend to wear there heart on their sleeves

As I catch myself I tell myself to breathe

Most say Scorpios are intimidating and harsh

We only put up that side of us in order to not get hurt

Scorpios have a good heart

Beware when we are hurt we  may be vindictive

I catch myself trying to get revenge

It’s only because you hurt me I don’t understand

All I put out is love and kindness so as a Scorpio I expect them same

So sensitive and kind- hearted my heart is shield from pain.