Hardaway’s Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Jaqueline Wade


Ciera Walker, Contributor

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Mrs. Jaqueline Wade was named Hardaway’s Teacher of the Year. Not only that, she also was awarded with the Golden Apple Award, which is given to a nominated teacher that exemplifies excellence in teaching. Mrs. Wade is a common name heard around Hardaway amongst all grade levels. She has taught freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, but currently she just teaches freshman and junior math. Personally, Mrs. Wade was and still is one of my favorite teachers; she made learning fun and really helped in times of need. After hearing of Mrs. Wade’s grand accomplishments, who better to interview than one of the best teachers I know?

What motivated you to become a high school teacher?

What motivated me to become a high school teacher was my middle school teacher, Mr. Goldman because he inspired me to learn Math. He was my favorite teacher in middle school, and I aspired to be just like him.

Why did you choose high school to teach?

Well, I actually chose to teach middle school, but there was a shortage of high school Math teachers and so I was placed in high school.

Did you ever think about pursuing a different career?

Yes, I thought about getting a different career. Before I became a Math teacher, I actually went to school to major in Business Management so I have an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. Then, I went back to school and I obtained a certificate in Practical Nursing. Next, I was a restaurant manager for many years until finally deciding on becoming a teacher.

Have you ever had a favorite student?

I definitely have had many favorite students, but I can’t just choose one. Ciera is one of them!

What’s one of your funniest moments in your teaching history?

One of my funniest moments was when I was teaching in middle school. I had student and I had asked him what happened to his homework assignment. With a straight face, he responded with “a dragon ate it on his way to school.”

What’s your favorite part of teaching?

My favorite part of teaching is seeing the students every day and talking to them. They make me laugh and I just enjoy the students more than I even enjoy the Math.

What’s the worst part of your job?

Paperwork! I hate paperwork! I hate grading papers. You can ask any of my students, it takes them a year to get back anything.

If there was one thing you could change about your job, what would it be?

I would just have less paperwork. I would have a personal assistant to handle all of my paperwork and grading papers for me. I just cannot stand paperwork.

Was teaching your childhood dream career?

No,teaching was not, the idea of teaching did not become even cross my mind until after meeting my middle school math teacher, Mr. Goldman. Then, it became something that I thought I would want to do.

Do you feel you make an impact on the children you teach?

I absolutely do. During a particular time, I may not feel like I am making an impact, but when they come back the next year and say things such as, “Oh, I’m doing so good in college math and it’s because of you,” or “I got into Auburn because of you!”, that really makes me happy.

Mrs. Wade surely has and still does make an impact on the children she teaches on a daily basis, and I think I can speak for a large majority of students in Hardaway when saying that Hardaway just wouldn’t be the same without her.