The Dreaded Catcalling

By Ivory Alexander

The Dreaded Catcalling

Ivory Alexander, Contributor

I know you get tired of hearing it day in and day out. That horrible whistling, that degrading howling, the pairs of eyes that don’t even bother looking at your face as you walk. Women everywhere can relate to each other when it comes to the endless catcalling bytheir male peers, whether it be at work, at school, or on the sidewalk.

It seems that women will always be seen as mere objects in the eyes of the opposite sex, as they attempt to avoid their mindless catcalling by avoiding eye contact, playing dumb, or getting the heck out of the already uncomfortable situation. Of course, a woman can’t possibly be scared of a man calling out to her without her consent! No, no, no, woman are just playing hard to get! Yep, they’re just so mean and awful to the sexist men who repeatedly degrade them, deny them basic human decency, and are now calling out to them like an owner to their dog. No, woman are the bad guys here!

It’s already bad enough that woman are killed each and every day just for rejecting a guy’s advances. Screw what she thinks! It’’s time for punishment because you hurt my fragile little ego. In the eyes of some men, a woman must be abused, insulted, or even killed for refusing to be a mere sex object to him. He feels entitled, as if he owns her, and when she refuses to be treated in such a manner, he blows up on her, but it’s just “boys being boys,” right?

Women should not be catcalled down the street as if they aren’t human. They deserve to be treated with respect, as they are normal human beings with as many feelings and emotions as men.