Do You Think Life Has Existed or Exists Somewhere Else Besides Earth?

By Mikey Sanders

Do You Think Life Has Existed or Exists Somewhere Else Besides Earth?

Mikey Sanders, Contributor

I honestly believe that life does exists beyond Earth. There could be life in our own solar system or on Mars. There could be life anywhere out in space. We are only exploring planets as far as the outer edge of our solar system. There are lots of other galaxies and solar systems out in space, and we have only scratched the surface.  There could be a planet millions of light years away with life on it or their could be a planet with life only two solar systems away.

Possibly, there is life on Mars that all our rovers could not find because they live underground. They could have a whole subterranean civilization. Maybe we haven’t been able to fine it because they have a secret entrance to their underground civilization that is so well hidden that our rovers have driven past it many times! The remnants of water on Mars could have been pumped into their underground city. If they are pumping the water underground this would explain why we can not find where the water on the surface of Mars went to.

Space is a really vast, strange, and unexplored place. There could be a planet made of iron where all the people are purple for all we know! They could drink gasoline and eat something that is called blueborb. There could literally be anything in space. There could even be a planet in space that is more advanced than us and everyone has flying cars, and they are exploring space themselves. They could be exploring space as I write this. They could be traveling through space extremely fast. They could be only one hundred years from our planet.

It would be extremely ironic if we where looking for life in space for years and then one day life finds us and our questions are answered. We would be ecstatic, but we would also be a little mad they we did not discover life on another planet first!