Looking For A Water Park This Summer?

Great Wolf Lodge, LaGrange, Ga.


Mikey Sanders, Contributor

The Great Wolf Lodge is a 93,000-square foot Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park that is located about an hour southwest of Atlanta and is roughly a 45-minute drive from the Auburn/Opelika area and a little more than a two-hour drive from Birmingham.

Great Wolf Lodge Georgia, set to open May 31 in LaGrange, Georgia, will offer two first-of-their-kind water slides. Families visiting the park will discover 84-degree temperatures year-round with a dozen different slides, including Rapid Racer and Triple Thunder, attractions that can’t be found anywhere else in the U.S.

Triple Thunder is a group raft ride that starts with guests plummeting down a steep drop and into a funnel, where they will experience sensations of weightlessness as the raft sloshes up and down the funnel. After exiting the funnel, the raft swooshes towards two saucers. Riders will speed along the bank of the saucer, swirl 180 degrees and exit through a narrow passageway – all in the dark. A few extra twists and turns remain before riders plunge into a catch pool at the bottom of the slide.

Rapid Racer is a two-person tube racing slide complete with drops, chutes and curves. Riders will emerge from 180 and 360-degree banked curves before entering a section with open racing lanes where they can see and hear their competition on the other side of a low separator wall.

Fort Mackenzie

A multi-level tree house water fort that combines suspension bridges, treetop slides, swinging cargo nets and spray stations. The park’s signature tipping bucket dumps one thousand gallons of water every four minutes.

Slap Tail Pond

Gigantic wave pool, complete with waves reaching up to three feet in height as they roll through every five minutes.

Big Foot Pass

Unique water obstacle challenges kids and adults alike to balance on floating logs and lily pads and hold on to hanging nets as they try to get across the pool.

To recap the Great Wolf Lodge is an enormous water park opening in LaGrange, Georgia on May 31, 2018. It is an indoor water park offering lots of unique rides. It is only about an hour drive from Columbus. If you want something fun and new to do over the summer, you should go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Lagrange.

Source: al.com