My Freshman Year

By Nyla Paul

My Freshman Year

Nyla Paul, Contributor

As the year comes to an end, and we have seven days left I am about to complete my freshman year. As I came into high school I felt like I was entering a new world, and I have learned many lessons about school and life.

My freshman year was a combination of stress and new beginnings. I learned more about life than I learned about school. I learned that high school is just like middle school; it’s just more freedom. The first thing I noticed when I got here was that we had way more freedom than I had during my middle school career.  Nobody was there to help me to get to class or to help me figure out where was my first period class. I kind of freaked out because this was not what I was used to. Also another thing I noticed was that we didn’t stay with the same people all day.  You see in middle school the people you see in the morning are the people you see at the end of the day. Also, I was in classes with people in different grades!  One of the biggest lessons I learned is that teachers don’t care if you fail.  Well they care, but they don’t stay on top of your work for you, so be on top your stuff.

Some advice I would give to upcoming freshmen is get in sports and clubs so you can meet new people. Don’t bring binders on the first day of school; bring one folder. Make friends and be nice to your teachers because you will need them at the end. Keep yourself involved in positive things so you won’t get caught up in the wrong things. With that– choose your friends carefully. Overall this is school so keep your grades up and worry about you because only you will have your back.

I had a great freshman year and I have learned a lot of things. I have learned lessons that I will take through the rest of high school and my life after high school so I am pleased with my freshman year. I’m glad for the mistakes that I have made because I have learned so much from them. So I hope you enjoyed because I have three more years and plan to reflect each year!