HHS: Back to School

by Tibria Sparkman


Tibria Sparkman, Contributor

For most students, coming back to school just means the end of summer, or for some it means new memories and good times. I questioned a friend of mine that attends HHS to get a look into how she’s feeling about this school year.

This is Nevaeh Sorrell; she’s a sophomore and a junior varsity cheerleader for HHS.

For my first question I kept it simple and asked how it felt to be back at school. To my surprise she answered, “Honestly, it feels good.”

Next, I asked what are the best and the worst parts of being back.

“The best part is being able to create new goals that I want to achieve,” she replied. “The worst part of being back is following all these new rules and dealing with rude children on a daily basis.” That’s something I can agree with.

She told me she is looking forward to cheering at our school this year and being a part of clubs and achieving her goals. I love her positivity! Neveah’s plan for the rough days:  “I will simply just keep to myself the best I can and focus on myself and controlling my anger.” Our plans are similar.

Since we all know it’s good to have goals, I asked her what hers were for this school year. “My goals are to make good grades, get into a lot of clubs and sports, stay out of trouble, and end this school year off better than I did last year.”

Once again, the positivity is great. Don’t be one of those students who come into the school year already thinking negatively. Start off positive and stay positive!