10 Back To School Tips for Success

by Nyla Paul


Nyla Paul, Contributor

We are back to school! Have you still been on top of your game? Has school already been beating you up? From turning in homework, to clubs, to sports– we can get overwhelmed. I’m going to give you ten back to school tips and advice so that you and me can have a good school year.

Tip one: Get organized. It is way harder to earn good grades and keep up with your assignments if you are not organized.  So, have a system of organization for each of your classes!

Tip two: Get a planner and I know this sounds extreme to some, but this is amazing if you’re in clubs and sports. You can write everything in your planner and you’ll never miss a meeting or a deadline again!

Tip three: STOP PROCRASTINATING! Do your work even though you might be tired; just do it, and don’t put stuff off because it will come back and bite.

Tip four: Surround yourself with positive people and things. School goes way better when you’re being positive and surrounding yourself with friends who share your interests and goals.

Tip five: Join clubs and sports. It will make school easier and you’ll be around people  that you share a common interest with.

Tip six: Establish a good relationship with your new teachers. It will help you out in the long run.

Tip seven: Don’t stress. Stressing is very common among high school students, but by being organized and staying on top of your school work you can minimize the stress!

Tip eight: Get a g night sleep. I learned this myself.  I notice when I get a good night’s sleep the night before, I have a better day.

Tip nine: Study and pay attention in class, and you will actually learn something and remember it when you leave.

Tip ten: Always do the best you can do and be the best you can be. Just put forth effort in everything you do!

So I hope this helps you for the year. For me, I will take my own advice. I truly believe if you even use some of these tips it will make your school year better and easier. School doesn’t have to be hard. YOU CAN DO IT!