Basketball Is Back

Tavaris E Thornton Jr.

Basketball Is Back


Tavaris Thornton, Contributor

Basketball is back and in full effect! With basketball tryouts coming up Monday, October 22, Coach Mills has a way for incoming freshmen, returning players and students to get better at their game by conditioning. Conditioning starts up in two weeks, but for anyone thinking that conditioning is going to be easy, they need to rethink.

Coach Mills says conditioning will include running 2 to 3 miles outside every day. Also, there will be running inside the gym. There will also be drills and scrimmages. Don’t cheat yourself out of getting better! Some people say that it’s not necessary, but I disagree. During tryouts, if you cheat during conditioning, Coach Mills will make you run miles around the track then let you try out. The bad part about that is your missing precious time to show Coach your actual skills, so make your choice wisely.

If you do make it on the first day, remember those are not the last cuts. When football season ends, there will be more players coming in. So if you make first cuts–congratulations but you have another bump in the road.

If you indeed make the team, you are now a Hardaway Hawk basketball player, but the work does not stop there. You have to keep your grades passing; you have to be in study hall, and you also have to be at practice on time. Coach Mills says a quote every day at practice. “Every day is a tryout.” So just because you made the team, does not mean you are on the team no matter what.

If you have more than two failing grades then you are off the team. So if you’re reading this and you’re interested in basketball at HHS, go to the conditioning, try your hardest at tryouts, and never stop working to get better!