Local Events

Local Events

Nyla Paul, Contributor

As school has started back, there will be more events taking place for high school students. What kind, you ask? Like football games, clubs and sports activities, and weekend events.

So if you’re bored at home or need something to do this weekend, I’m going to give you some upcoming September events.

As a Hardaway Hawk and a cheerleader I know it is football season. I pretty sure you know too so be sure not to miss our two upcoming games– this Friday is our Homecoming Game vs. Americus and next week we will be going against Shaw High School.

Outside of school the most talked about movie I keep hearing about is NUN which came out last weekend. Lots of those spooky movies are coming out as Halloween will soon be upon us!  Going to the movies is a popular activity and Predators is playing as well.

Local events around the community such as the  Tri-city Latino Festival, public ice skating, and Uptown Friday night concerts are sure to provide a good time!

We don’t have to always go to parties. I hope this article helps someone get out of the house and maybe even provide you with something new and different to do. So the next time you say “Columbus is lame,” look up local things to do. 🙂