Silver View

Part One

Silver View

Andrew Morales, Contributor

My name is Erick Bierman. I’m a scrawny man with glasses and was the typical geek back in middle school. Back in the 7th grade, I had wavy dark brown hair with brown eyes. The way that I looked, my friend, Raymond always told me that it gave people the impression that I was sympathetic and approachable. Raymond was the only football player that wouldn’t hassle me or toss me aside; he was caring and docile.

Although Ray, Raymond, had the capability of being strong, he wasn’t that intelligent. Sometimes I would have to help him with his homework, and in return he would give me advice about dating and such. Ray would have dated a girl every other week, so he thought he was a real lady’s man. Even if I told him that I wasn’t interested in those types of conversations, I still had to hear him boasting about his current relationship.

Ray and I were like brothers, constantly getting into mischief. We were “brothers” since the 7th grade. The thing is he was a jock, and I was a geek. He had the strength and I had the intelligence. People were surprised and astonished that he and I were even friends and that he would even consider spending time with me after school. We had two totally different views and ideas on topics, but one thing is for certain that we had in common was exploring the unknown.

Ray would take note of the places around our town that were desolate and abandoned. We would go to deserted homes along highways and popular attractions that were shut down before being dismantled for other recreational purposes. We once went to this closed amusement park and nearly got busted by the police. I was caught off guard when the officer saw Ray and I pretending to be working the Break dance ride. But there was one place, one place I wish I could erase from my memory. The Silk View Mental Asylum.

The year was 1987,  and at that time both Ray and I were in the eighth grade. It was a Saturday and Ray just finished football practice, and he came straight away to my place which was just a few blocks down from the practice field. When Ray knocked on the door I opened it for him, and he darted right in excited and thrilled about something.

Of course, his adrenaline was still pumping from practice so I had to let him calm down. A dreadful few minutes of him trying to catch his breath while trying to elaborate with his garbled words, and he managed get out that he knew the next location we should explore. He explained that tomorrow we will be going to the recently closed Silk View Mental Asylum and that we would have to head there after dusk because he had an evening football practice. Time was of the essence because the Asylum was scheduled for demolition the following Monday.

I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of going to an abandoned mental asylum especially during the night. I became skeptical and started pointing out all the flaws and issues with his god awful idea. Ray tried to calm me down and then asked me if I would be able to ask my parents if I could spend the night at his place and that he would tell his parents that he would be sleeping at mine, so we would be able to sneak out without any issues.

I wanted to trust Ray and I did because if anything bad happened, he would have my back and protect me…