HHS Football Player- Ameon Ellis

Meet #14 for the Mighty Hawks!


Monique Miller, Contributor

The one fall sports everyone gets excited about, football.

New faces, new athletes get Hardaway students excited every year!

I spent some time talking with Ameon Ellis, #14 for the Hawks and one of the linebackers, asking how it felt to win our homecoming game.

“It felt pretty good to win, knowing I put my all into this game to make my team players and also my supporters happy.

It was a really close game and I’m glad to say that we did pretty well.”

Ameon had this to say about his mindset when it comes to the game: “Football is a really tough sport, and I feel like you have to have a lot of patience, getting tackled from the front and the back at the same time without getting heated.”

Hardaway’s  record after Homecoming was 3-3, Ameon has his hopes set on making it to the playoffs!