An Interview with Janine Abano

An Interview with Janine Abano

Destiny Craig, Contributor

Janine is an IB (International Baccalaureate) Hardaway High School senior, but she is so much more than that, so that’s why I interviewed her. She is kind, caring, respectful of her elders, has a great sense of humor, and overall a good person.

When you were younger, what did you want your future to look like and what is your vision now? 

“A good positive future and live a better life and that is what my vision is today.”

Hobbies and/or after-school clubs? 

“I am in Robotics, Beta Club, and FAA (Filipino American Association).” 

Dream colleges that you have applied to already? 

“My dream colleges are UCLA (University of California Las Angeles), UGA (University of Georgia), and NYU (New York University). I also applied to UCF (University of Central Florida) and USF (University of San Francisco).”

What are your emotions regarding graduation? 

“My feelings about graduation are both happy and nervous because of college and a lot of procrastination.”

Favorite thing to do? 

“Shop, dress up, sleep, and watch rom-coms”

 Best aspects of senior year thus far? 


Worse aspects of senior year? 

“Lots of school work, senior projects, and procrastination”

What do you think will be different about college life? 

“The way they teach, student life, and school environment” 

 What are you excited about right now?

“Senior field trip”