2018 Season of Lady Hawk Softball


Megan Culpepper, Contributor

This year Hardaway welcomes Coach Anthony as our new softball coach and in order to get a good idea of what he’s about, along with how the teams doing,  he answered a few questions. I asked Coach Anthony what his goals are for this new year and how he feels being new to the school.

When asked how Coach Anthony feels about being a new coach to Hardaway High School, he mentions that he loves every minute and thanks Mr. Bell along with Coach Mills for trusting him.

Coach added that he has twenty plus years under his belt. However, he also mentions “the excitement of coaching with ‘Hawks’ written on jerseys is really not describable.”

Goals for this year include improving from last year by improving skills, performance, and making Hardaway respected again.  Coach even wants to win Region this year and advance through State. Because of this, I asked if this team has the potential to make it, and Coach responded with “this year’s team has the potential to be State champions and it’s up to me and the coaching staff to develop their inner beast.”

This year’s team has five senior players that he says are “not replaceable.” This year’s senior leadership has been phenomenal, and he goes on to say that “the girls are all better friends than teammates. For this team, it may be a game, but the bond they’ve all made is life-long.”