Hardaway Drill Team

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Hardaway Drill Team

Jaylen Mitchell, Contributor

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Hardaway’s Drill Team is coached by 1st Sergeant Robert Colon who is retired and new to HHS. I thought it was about time we found a few things about this newcomer so I went and interviewed him.

What is drill?  He responded by saying “Drill and ceremony is something we teach cadets to teach them leadership. With stationary and marching movements, it teaches cohesiveness and how to work as a team.”

What are your goals for the team this year? To win 1st place in everything we compete in. The events he wants to compete in are Color Guard, try to do male and female Platoon Unarmed, and if there are not enough people then male and female Squad.

How will you achieve these goals?  “Practice and commitment for those who signed up for the team, and  leadership and cohesion to achieve our goals.” 

So I look for the drill team to be successful this year.

He is all about business this year.

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