Meet Coach Morzan             

Spanish teacher, coach, and family man

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Meet Coach Morzan             

Nyla Paul, Contributor

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I interviewed my Spanish teacher. Mr. Morzan who is one of the most fun, enthusiastic teachers I have meet. I like him a lot so I interviewed him to get the perspective of this Hardaway teacher.

Tell me a few things about yourself?

He came to the United States when he was very young and he says he is blessed that he got to go to college and high school. He has five children and says he is very happy teaching at HHS.

When did you start teaching at Hardaway?  2005

 Why did you start teaching HHS?

“My kids wanted me to teach at Hardaway.” They thought he could be good at HHS. He used to teach at Spencer and he liked it.

How long have you been teaching? 21 years

When did you start teaching? 1997

Why did you start teaching in the first place?

“I was inspired to teach by my high school Spanish teacher.  I was placed in Spanish levels three and four, and I was able to help my teacher with Spanish. So I thought this wouldn’t be a bad job. I had several job plans…At one point, I wanted to be United Nations translator, but I chose teaching.”

Why did you choose to teach high school kids?

“I felt I could make a bigger impact on high school kids or teenagers.”

What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

“Wow! There are a lot of things. Having fun teaching Spanish –trying to convince my students that learning Spanish is not hard.”

What activities or clubs do you do at HHS?

Sr. Morzan does Cross Country, and he also is the girls soccer coach and has spent some years coaching track and field.

What is something you do outside of school?

He goes to church, has soccer friends and volley ball friends, and plays soccer and volley ball still.

What is a goal for this year?

To have 10% or less failure rate in his classes and so far he says he is achieving that.  He says he has less than 18 in all of his classes.

What’s do you want you students to know?

“I would like them to know what they want to do in life and about being happy at your job.”

This was a great interview! Sr. Morzan is a great Spanish teacher and a very positive person overall. I was so glad to interview him and I hope you got to learn some things about this teacher!




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