Silver View

Part 2


Andrew Morales, Contributor

My father got the daily newspaper and I passed by the kitchen and saw the paper with the headline “Demolition of Abandoned Institution. The article read “Silk View Mental Asylum closed on December 14, 1980, due to “supernatural” occurrences and unknown causes of death of three nurses.” I didn’t believe it at first but, I started thinking what if there is a possibility that there might be truth to it. With hesitation, I asked my mom if I would be able to spend the night at Ray’s. She told me I could but to head to bed so scurried up to my bedroom and drifted to sleep, thinking about the article and trying to reassure myself that everything would be alright. I woke up the in the afternoon and gathered my things, so I could be ready for the night.

I decided to pack necessities that would be useful if anything did happen. I packed a flashlight, a bag of chips, and a two-liter bottle of water. I told my mother that I would be heading early to Ray’s place, so I wouldn’t be late. As I walked I reminisced about the newspaper article and if should just back out. Daydreaming and thinking I made it to Ray’s house. I waited, still thinking if I should head back home and enjoy my Sunday at home watching Tv. But something told me to just stay and wait for Ray to get back from practice. So, I did and sat down watching my watch tick on the minutes.

Raymond, tired and sweating profusely, strolled down the sidewalk tired yet a look of excitement in his eyes when he noticed I was waiting in front of his home. He told me to wait for a tad bit so he could change and gather his belongings. Five or seven minutes later he comes outside and tells me to follow him. The amount of walking was extensive to where I had to take a break several times because my feet were aching. Eventually, we made it to the eerie building.

There was a large fence surrounding the area, old and rusted. The front gate had a padlock that was severely rusted as it was there for years. The place itself looked ancient, with moss growing on the outside and garbage and litter left on the concrete floor. The windows all were broken that allowed a bit of light glimmer through. I saw what seemed to be a figure pass by but thought it paranoia.

Ray nudged me on the shoulder trying to get my attention, so we could exchange the contents of our bags to one another. I told him all the things I had, and he listed his. “I have three glow sticks, some batteries, a camera, and a gun,” said Ray.  I was shocked when he told me that he had a gun and freaked out on him.  He explained that he had the gun in case of a severe emergency, such as a wild animal like a raccoon appearing because that’s what you should expect in abandoned places. He pulled out a small pair of bolt cutters from his jacket and handed it to me. “I had to sneak both the gun the bolt cutters from my dad, it’s how we’re going to get in and make sure that we are well protected,” Ray said. He directed me to the fence and told me to cut a square big enough to fit both of us through.

Once I cut through the fence there was a cold gust of wind that echoed a chill through me, making me shudder. We made our way through the courtyard that was covered in orange and yellow leaves. Ray ran up to the asylum front door surprisingly unfazed by the atmosphere the asylum created. I chased after him, scolding him for leaving me behind, even though it was just a couple of steps. I was scared and nervous, it was noticeable to the point that Ray gave me a talk about that everything would be all right and that if anything happens he would have my back. I asked him if he still wanted to do this and without hesitation, he said yes so, we opened the asylum door.