Silver View

Part 3


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Andrew Morales, Contributor

There was a blast of cold air hitting us, making both of us shiver. To lighten up the mood Ray went into the asylum saying, “look no wild animals looking to scratch up my face.” An uneased chuckle ensued as I took out my flashlight and shined it around slowly, so I could see everything in what seemed to be the waiting room of the asylum. There were rusty wheelchairs with straps going around the armrests and old pieces of paper that turned to a muddy brown on the floor. Ray looked delighted to see the old items, but I was mortified and had a sense of unease in my stomach.

We walked up some steep steps that went up to what seemed to be the second floor. Once we reached the top floor there was a long and ominous hallway. As we walked through it I swore I heard a whisper come right behind me, as soon as I turned my head back, I felt a strong force hurl me back and I fell through one of the broken windows. As I fell back I heard Ray scream and yell out my name pleading for help. I fell and hit the back of my head on the cement floor.

I got up, feeling a sharp pain residing on the back of my skull. I sped through the waiting room shouting Ray’s name. I ran up the stairs shouting his name over and over. There was nothing, but pure silence, Ray’s backpack, and flashlight laid on the floor with nothing else in sight. I picked up the items and slowly walked since someone, or something had to have been here or might still be present in the dark hallways. I started treading carefully down the hallway flashing my light to see if Ray had fled to safety somewhere.

I walked to the end of the hallway and I was at a crossroads. I had the choice of going either to the left or right. Before I had the opportunity of deciding I heard a noise come from the left hallway. I had seen many horror movies to know to never follow strange noises, but I was so worried about where Ray was or what happened to him, I decided to just follow the noise. I cautiously walked down the hallway looking behind me hoping Ray would be there trying to scare me like he always does. But this time, as much as I wanted that to be true, he wasn’t there. Not a single glimpse of him.

I reached the end of the left hallway and halted at what I saw on the floor. There laid a rotting arm discolored, decaying with maggots crawling on the flesh and in cuts and wounds surrounding the arm revealing parts of the bone. The smell and sight of it were enough to make me hurl last nights dinner. I swiped off the residue of my vomit that was on my face and felt horrible for the person who had lost it. But it made me wonder what caused this.

I heard a screech that sounded like Ray, it was coming from the right of the hallway, so I rushed to it. As I was getting closer to the noise it seemed to get deeper and deeper. As I walked further dark the voice altered drastically having only a faint undertone of Ray’s voice. It led me to a closed door, I hesitatingly lured my hand to the old brass colored doorknob and slowly twisted it opened it and flashed my light into the room.