Silver View

Part 4

Silver View

Andrew Morales, Contributor

There was nothing there not even a piece of paper. I was confused, hoping to find Ray in that room yet nothing.  That room was the source of all the noise that I thought was Ray but no one or anything was in there. I looked back at the hallway, instead of seeing darkness I saw a small white beam shining my direction. I expressed a sigh of relief thinking it was Ray, so I flashed my light directly to the gleam of light. But to my horror it wasn’t Ray, it was something else. I saw a woman, or what was left, that was rotting from the head down she had only one arm. I was trapped in a corner.

The gleam seemed to be a piece of mirror stuck to one of her eyes that was reflecting from my flashlight when I had pointed near her direction. I backed up until I saw the opportunity to get between her and the door. She tried to swing with her semi-intact arm, but I was able to evade it. I ran and kept running until I saw a flight of stairs going to the third floor. I rushed up the stairs and went into a room and hid behind what seemed to be a bed. I heard nothing but shallow footsteps for a couple of minutes.

I stayed still reassuring that she was gone, or even if I can refer it to be even human. I stood right back up, shaken and frightened at what had happened I peeked out the side of the door. I didn’t dare to turn on my flashlight again due to the circumstances of her appearing again. I couldn’t make out anything except for what shunned and glimmered because of the moonlight seeping through the broken windows. I decided to stay inside the room which I had to scurry into to hide from the creature.

I shut the door and stood still trying to hear any sound. Nothing, nothing but silence in its purest form. I switched on my flashlight and heard a click from it. I shined around what first appeared to be a patient’s room, but it wasn’t what I thought it was. I shined quickly, moving the flashlight around the room until everything soaked in. The bed that I hid behind was my bed, the wallpaper, the dresser everything was the same.

I thought I was becoming insane or hysterical at this point. I turned around trying to leave but the door was locked. I was hyperventilating so I started kicking, punching and slamming the door. It was no use, I didn’t have the strength to bust it down. I knew Ray could have he was the strong one between the two of us. I looked back at the room, searching for what could be used to open the door.

I searched every cabinet that would have something that I could use to pry the door open. As I searched the room got smaller and smaller. I gave up and curled next to the bed thinking about Ray, and the idea of him being dead crossed my mind which I’m not afraid to admit made me tear up. He was my friend and I didn’t know what to do. I looked up and saw that the room had changed back into the dark patient’s room. I got up without hesitation and ran through the door.

I stood outside the hallway breathing heavily when the door shut making a loud bang that made me jolt. Still shaken up I held up my flashlight and turned it on shining it down the hallway. I walked down the hallway without turning my head back until I felt light-headed. I sat down and pulled my backpack frontward and zipped it opened. I rummaged through it until I found my bag of chips.

I ate it all, not a single crumb left. I then grabbed my water bottle and drank half saving the rest for later. I got myself back up and shined my flashlight around seeing what type of floor I was in. There were rows of rooms, I walked down until I saw an old clipboard on the filthy floor. I picked it up and barely was readable but all I could make out of it was “3rd Floor: Bedrooms.” It had a mapping of the third floor and found out where I was and made my way to the stairs. As I walked I shined my flashlight in every room hoping that Ray would be curled up in a corner alive.

I checked every room in the hallway, I didn’t dare to go into the rooms due to what just of what happened so the only way to know if Ray was in the room was to shine the flashlight from a distance. Since there was no sight of Ray I continued towards the stairs. As I was looking at the map I felt a gust of hot air blow down the back of my shirt. I slowly turned around, seeing what looked like an oversized hound. It was standing upright but slouching and breathing heavily through his nostrils. It had a midnight black mane that went up to its shoulders, and dark eyes that would have sucked out every bit of bravery and courage you had. It spoke in a deep menacing voice that would have had an entire fleet of soldiers to their knees if it commanded them to.

The creature asked me a riddle “I give directions, but I don’t tell them. I show you the way, but I don’t direct you to it. What am I?” I tried to be quick on my feet hoping the creature wouldn’t tear me up to shreds. In the end, I couldn’t answer his riddle because I was too afraid to muster a single word, he then decided to give me the answer. “The map that you hold in your hands, 5 seconds is what I give for a predator without a hunt is just no fun.” He gave me a malicious grin exposing his yellow pointed teeth and started counting down. I ran turning every corner until I saw moldy wooden stairs that would lead me to the fourth floor.