Silver View

Part 5

Silver View

Andrew Morales, Contributor

I sped towards the stairs, as I got closer and closer to them the creature was gaining on me. The creature passed by me making it inches away from the stairs. It was blocking me from going up to the 4th floor. I stopped mere inches from it and turned around and ran the same direction which I came from. I had no choice to enter one of the rooms to hide from the creature, I slammed the door and held the door handle and pressed my body against the door and slid one of the old wooden chairs right under the doorknob. The creature slammed into it trying to get in.

He stopped slamming the door after a couple of times and stood there as I heard him breathing heavily against the door. I waited, still holding the door with the weight of my body until I heard it slowly walk away hearing a loud thump each step it took. I stood there still waiting for the perfect moment to run towards the stairs. I waited and listened for the creature, its footsteps getting lighter and lighter. I knew this was my only chance, so I opened the door and saw the creature down the hall running towards me, so I tossed the clipboard at him startling him a bit.

That drew me some time to make my way to the stairs, I sprinted to it taking turns left and right and looking back to see how far it had caught up with me.  It looked furious, just inches away from me as I was just inches away from the stairs. I climbed the stairs as quickly as I could, and I felt a sting near my ankle. I looked back as the creature stopped. It wouldn’t go past the stairs to get me; it and I were staring directly at one another. It turned around mumbling something under its breath and then it vanished in the dark as if it was a shadow walking in the midnight. I directed my attention to the gash on my ankle.

I had finally made it to the 4th floor, I looked around seeing what was in it to aid my bearings. I shined my flashlight and made out that it was a medical bay. There were old rusted IV stands and an abundance of wheelchairs that had collected dust. I limped towards one of the old IV stands and grasped it and used it as a makeshift cane. I walked towards a wall and sat down and laid my back against it. I rested for a while gazing at my wound I knew I needed to find bandages and antiseptic.

I got up and limped around searching for a medical room that would have the supplies I needed. I just hoped for whatever I could find since this place could have been looted during the daytime. I slowly limped down the hallway, flashing my light into every room until I found the medicine room. It was full of empty bottles and old syringes with rusted and broken needle tips. There was a shelf with a few medical supplies, I searched and found a bit of antiseptic and one bandage.

I opened the antiseptic and took off my backpack and bit onto one of the strands and poured the antiseptic onto it. I let out a small cry of pain. There was enough antiseptic that I could pour some on the bandage as well. I got back up still using the IV as my cane. I limped down the hallway and stopped when I heard my name being called on. I turned my head back and saw it was Ray.