Silver View

Part 6

Silver View

Andrew Morales, Contributor

I walked quickly to his aid before he fell to the floor. I dragged him into one of the medical rooms and examined him. He had cuts and bruises on his arms and legs, I took off my shirt and ripped strands and tried to patch him up. After I helped him I asked him what happened after I fell from the broken window, and he was about to tell me until he saw and pointed at a figure that was in the moonlights spotlight.

I saw half of the creature’s face which was what seemed to be a white medical mask with stitched eyes. Ray grabbed the IV stand, ready to attack the creature until I signaled him not to. The creature looked at our direction then continued walking towards the end of the hallway. I gestured him to stay put while I went to go check on if the creature vanished among the darkness of the hallway. Instead, I saw “it” check every room and every corridor of the floor.

I stayed there crouched, peeking a sly bit from the edge of the room. I laid my head on the hinges and drew back when I heard a slight moan coming from the beast. The sharp edge of the hinge cut deeply leaving a small scar on the bottom left of my chin. As there was once silence I could hear my own blood dripping towards the floor from the cut.  As every drop fell I could hear footsteps come towards my direction.

I laid my palm of my hand onto the cut, holding it until I heard the thud of its footsteps get lower and lower until I couldn’t hear it at all. I crawled back to Ray and tried to gesture what made the creature react. Of course, knowing Ray after I did the gestures his face expression was blanker than a deer caught in the headlights. I slowly got up hoping that the beast wouldn’t hear me, and then when I made sure it was safe I pulled Ray from his arm lifting him up. I whispered in his ear what I had seen and what I made out about the creature.

I still wasn’t sure about one thing, if the louder the sound the faster it would head to it. I placed Ray up against a wall as I picked up one of the old syringes and made my way and hid next to the door. I threw the old filthy syringe towards my right facing the old stairs that I had used to get to the 4th floor. I heard it race down the hallway, I knew this would be our only opportunity. I pulled Ray by his shirt and both of us sprinted trying hard not to look back.

I decided to check if Ray was beside me and if the creature was gaining on us. Ray was by my side, but I went cold when I heard the multiple thuds come from behind us. I looked back and felt my face turn white as snow. I saw the creatures face fully, half of its face was missing while the. I turned forward running as fast as I could, as I ran I felt a breeze pass by me and saw the creature in front of me trying to reach me with his long and thin arm.

Ray pulled out the gun that he had kept in his pocket and shot two rounds into the creature’s chest and one in his neck. My ears rang, I fell to my knees and saw the creature fall to the floor. Ray pulled me to my feet and we both saw that it was trying to get back up. Ray stomped on its head, but no matter what it would still try to get back up. We ran desperately trying to find the 5th floor until we saw the stairs. The stairs were broken with mildew and mold eating away at the wood. To cross we would need to leap up.

We heard the beast’s footsteps getting louder by the second, Ray stepped back and jumped nearly falling. It was my turn and as I stepped back and tried to jump the up the beast latched his cold thin bony hands onto my arm. I pushed him off and jumped hoping I wouldn’t fall back getting tossed into the creature’s grasp. I missed, but Ray grabbed my hand and hoisted me up while the beast glared at us in pure hatred. When I got back up both of us rushed upstairs.