Silver View

Part 7


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Andrew Morales, Contributor

Ray was making remarks about the beast’s face and shooting it all while laughing. I told him to be quiet, frustrated I told him to rethink all the dangers. He went silent for a moment and then apologized. I then asked him what had happened to him after I fell from the window. He then explained to me that he was hit on the head with something and before he went unconscious that he saw a small creature with different colored eyes drag him by his feet and when he awoke he was in a dark room that was slightly lit by an old lamp with cuts and bruises.

He then apparently left the room and stumbled onto me when I shined my flashlight towards him. Then I remembered that during running from the beast I had dropped my flashlight and then I panicked. I explained to him that we couldn’t continue or go back downstairs and if we did it would be suicide. Ray walked toward one of the shattered windows and stared blankly trying to think what we should do. I told Ray that we would have to jump.

Ray looked at me as if I was insane and started telling me we might as well get torn to shreds by the creatures. I explained that if we stuffed both of our book bags with things that were soft that we would have a high chance to survive the fall. At this point, Ray would take any idea to get out of this place no matter the risk. We looked around and filled the backpacks with every soft item we saw then we heard the shriek. Ray told me to jump first then he pulled his gun out and aimed at the dark waiting for it to appear.

The shriek got louder, and louder which Ray then started to shoot blankly. Ray yelled for me to jump, I hesitated until Ray pushed me out. As I fell everything around me seemed to be in slow motion. The gunfire faded away as I drew closer to the floor and the closer I got the fear of death was filling my mind. From what had seemed to be an eternity of falling I hit the floor. I felt agony and a sharp pain like what it felt getting pierced by thousands of needles into my chest. I yelled at the top of my lungs, tears falling from my face from all the pain.

I pushed myself from the cement-paved floor, breathing heavily every time I moved. As I stood there realizing that I had made it, excited and happy that Ray and I would be able to go back home. Yet I just realized that he was still in the building and that the gunfire had stopped. I called out his name, there was no answer just the silent night. I thought Ray was dead, I started to cry harder until the sound of a loud thud drew my attention back to the top of the building. Pieces of the top wing started crumbling and falling, I limped to the other side of the courtyard. Gray dust filled the air; I walked hoping to stumble onto Ray laying on the floor.

I then saw a shadow of a figure, asking “Ray! Is that you?!” There was no response. The air cleared, Ray was nowhere to be found. I searched and searched until I found him laying on the floor beaten and torn, blood all over the place. I kneeled and begged him to not leave to not go. He opened his eyes and whispered, “We had good times and adventures. Take care of my folks for me.” Ray closed his eyes and took his last breath. I remember how he looked when he died, and it will never leave my mind for the days that I live.