What Music Inspires You?

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As I was reading the article   https://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/06/what-music-inspires-you/ by Katherine Schulten, it came to my mind that music has a way of affecting listeners. Do you listen to a tune over and over because of the way it makes you feel? How about playing a sound that you only know the rhythm to? Well, you are not the only one. I will go in depth about how music can or may inspire you in many different ways along with some examples.

Sometimes if I’m just stuck or I lose focus on my  work that I am doing,  I can play a song for motivation.  Really, you can listen to music almost anytime–when you are doing homework, working out, driving the car, doing house hold chores, etc… Music has a strange power over the human body and in an almost hypnotic way. It manages to make people move their body to the sound because no matter how hard you try to fight it, music is everywhere and will have an effect on you. Nothing is more fun than listening to some good music and getting your groove on.

From the rhythmic drumming of tribal dance music to the fun trumpet sounds of a South American brass band, music has a truly undeniable inspirational power. The scientific basis for the inspiration to dance and its close connection to music is still not really understood, but anyone who has listened to music knows that it promotes an undeniable urge to head-bob, toe-tap, clap or anything else you like to do.

Some forms of music are extremely inspirational due to the powerful words contained in the lyrics. Strong lyrics can create a story, which can inspire emotion within the listener. Whether it’s a song about love, loss, lust, or the hardships of life there is always going to be one person who can connect with what the song is saying and consequently becomes inspired by it. Life is all about creating new experiences. Each time you listen to a new band or a new style of music, you are essentially expanding our experience or concept of the world.

There is nothing like listening to some good music to get you pumping or music to calm you down. I believe foreign or even unusual music styles can transport you to a different mental space, even if you are simply sitting at your work desk imagining a different place and time. Religious or spiritual music has a unique ability to help us to embrace  our spiritual side. Through spiritual songs and other musical compositions, people are able to learn, become uplifted, become motivated, and get closer to their truth. It can really help to inspire you to want to change the way you are living and move forward in a better way or simply just to relax and meditate.

In conclusion, music has different ways of inspiring and just helps to make you feel. Also music has a way of transforming the way you think towards different situations. So if you ever feel down, mad, or sad– play some music that you know will help you, or play something new to experiment!




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