What Have You Learned in Your Teens?

Seven Things I Have Learned in My Teens


Lily Toohey, Contributor

I was inspired by the NYT article titled, “What Have You Learned in Your Teens,” written by Shannon Doyne. It got me thinking, “I have learned so much just in my teens.” I decided to share seven things I have learned in my teens.

  1. Never Procrastinate: I have always been really good at time management, but there have been times where I have waited until two days until something is due. I have friends that wait until the day it needs to be complete, and it is extremely stressful When I do not feel like doing my work, I tell myself, “Imagine how good it will feel when you are done three days before, and people around you are rushing to finish?” It will give you more free time and less stress!
  2. Don’t care what others say: I have learned that other people’s opinions of me do not matter! It doesn’t matter what I wear, how I do my hair, or how I prepare myself for that big test. As long as I feel comfortable, that is all that matters.
  3. Kindness goes a long way: Being nice to your teachers everyday gives you a better chance of them willing to help you and it will make them feel respected. If you see a person sitting by themselves, go sit with them. Their whole day could be changed by your one action.
  4. Don’t stress about things you can’t control. I sometimes struggle with this because I always want to be able to control what happens, but obviously I can’t. I can’t control when the Yellowstone Volcano will explode, so I don’t need to worry about it! You can’t control what the weather does the day you have a really important basketball game. Don’t sweat it!
  5. Don’t be a negative Nelly: This one is huge. Instead of bringing others down, we should be lifting others up. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true. When I arrive at school and the first thing my friend says to me is, “I hate school; I really don’t want to be here!;” it completely destroys my day. If I show up to school, I try to share something positive and lovely. On Mondays, I post little quotes, on Instagram, about how people can conquer that week! Share positivity!
  6. Be thankful for EVERYTHING: We get a lot more then we acknowledge. For example, education. A lot of us hate school and take it for granted, but I always tell people, “We don’t have to go to school, but we get to.” We shouldn’t go around taking things for granted, and not realizing others wish they could do what we can.
  7. Don’t take yourself so serious: A lot of us feel like we have to be perfect. When you trip in class, just laugh and let it go! Don’t dwell on something that is ridiculous. On social media, instead of just posting the pictures when you look your best, post the bloopers and the funny ones. It gives you more character and gives you the freedom to not be embarrassed.