My Favorite Video Games

A Look Back at my Faves

My Favorite Video Games

Jaylen Mitchell, Contributor

I play a lot of video games. I have a couple that are my favorites. One of my favorites is NBA 2k. I love playing 2k even though it is a game with some flaws.  Every year I say I’m not going to buy the next 2k, but I always do. 2k is great at advertisement; that’s what gets me to buy it every year. But every 2k has their flaws. 2k19’s biggest flaw is the defense. Sometimes it’s terrible and sometime it’s overpowering. I feel that they need to patch the defense, but I will always buy 2k no matter what. One of my next favorite games is NFL Madden. My favorite sport is football, so this is just a no brainer. But Madden 19 might just be the worst Madden made.

Another game that comes to mind is NCAA football which is college football. Sadly, they do not make this game anymore, and I am mad that they do not. That’s really my favorite game ever. You start off in high school then play in college.  The game is just so smooth. I wish they would make another one because that game made my childhood fun.

My next favorite game is Call of Duty. My favorite Call of Duty of all time is Modern Warfare 3. Also, that is the first Call of Duty game that I ever got. Black Ops 2 is a legendary Call of Duty game. Nuketown is my favorite map on the game, and that is just one of the reasons that Black Ops 2 was before it’s time. That game was amazing in every way. Gun game was my favorite mode.

My last favorite game is Mortal Combat. My favorite character is subzero mostly because I love when he says, “Get over here.” The last one I had was Mortal Combat X. That’s a classic game; everyone has played the game before. My mom told me she played it when she was younger.

These games that I play, I think are great games. Mortal Combat is probably the best game on my list. But 2k comes in as a close second. Call of Duty would be the next game. Then Madden last. I just hope 2k can make the perfect game. The NYT article that inspired me to write this article was: and it was written by KATHERINE SCHULTEN, a staff writer for the Times.