“What does it take to be a teacher?”

An Interview with Mr. Felfeli

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“What does it take to be a teacher?”

Megan Culpepper, Contributor

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In this interview, I was curious as to who Mr. Felfeli was prior to Hardaway  what his take is on what it takes to be a teacher. Many of us wouldn’t even consider being a teacher unless we have someone spark an interest for us and ignite that fire to educate young minds, as some our teachers have done for us.

Mr. Felfeli previously taught at Kendrick for almost four years before coming to Hardaway to begin his new job teaching many of us. However, he did do his student teaching here with Ms. Dravenstott before she retired.

His interest in teaching didn’t begin until his sophomore year in college when one of his teachers sparked his interest in literature. “I took a 17th Century Literature class in college, and I fell in love with anything and everything literature related. Before that, I was not really an avid reader. My professor’s sense of humor and enthusiasm made the class very enjoyable. From that moment, I knew that I wanted to teach.”

“To be a great teacher, as I can see, takes patience and an understanding of the subject and the students. In order to help them learn, a great teacher may need to make connections to make it fun for students in order to engage with them and encourage them to do their best.”

Students and teachers are happy to have Mr. Felfeli teaching here @ HHS.  He is on the 100 Hall if you would like to stop by and say Hi!

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