Interview with Hardaway Senior Taylor Culpepper

Where is the Class of 2019 Going After Graduation?


Megan Culpepper, Contributor

The Class of 2019 has over 200 students expecting to graduate in May. However, this leaves the question of what these seniors will do upon graduation. For many, myself included, these plans may still be unclear. However, for one senior, Taylor Culpepper, it’s already clear. 

Taylor Culpepper is a senior on the dance team at Hardaway. She’s been dancing ever since she was a child, so it’s become her passion. However, I asked her if she plans on pursuing dance while in college and she’s decided not to.  

Learning what one senior does after graduation can possibly help other seniors get an idea of what to do. Because of this, I decided to ask Taylor where she’s going. 

The first thing I asked Taylor is if she’s going to college, and her first choice. In response to this, Taylor told me, “I haven’t decided yet: I have an opportunity for an internship but if I do the internship, I can’t do orientation at my college so that means I would have to push it back a semester.” This goes to show that seniors are thinking ahead and trying to build a pathway for themselves toward their ideal career. Taylor is thinking about starting college early, yet she has a wonderful opportunity to intern; however, the dates clash. Many seniors these days only have on goal on their mind, graduating. Although this is a great goal, there is no end game in mind.  

Next, I asked Taylor if she’s applied for college.

Yes I have, I am staying in state at Columbus State, but I have also applied for multiple in and out of state colleges. “When applying to colleges, it’s important to keep in mind the tuition. Out of state college tuition is more expensive than in-state. Along with this fact, in Georgia, we have the Hope Scholarships and grants. However, these only apply for colleges in Georgia. 

Lastly, I asked Taylor what she’s planning to pursue as a career, and she’s looking into a career in cyber security. This is great for her because she’s planning to work for the FBI in the human trafficking and cyber crime unit. 

For a senior, it’s important to know what your goals are after we leave high school. However, after graduation, there’s still time to decide.