Soccer Season is Upon Us

An Interview with Alayna Lisbon


Tibria Sparkman, Contributor

Soccer season has started at Hardaway and our team looks great this year. They’re great at what they do, and I wonder what motivates them to keep up the good work. To get some details I interviewed a friend of mine that plays for our soccer team. Her name is Alayna Lisbon and she’s an IB sophomore here at Hardaway.

For my first question, I asked her when she started playing soccer. “I started playing soccer when I was seven or eight.”

Statistics show that kids that begin playing sports at a young age are most likely to play when they’re in middle school and high school. When asked about why she chooses to play soccer she replied, “Although I tried out for several other sports, soccer interested me the most. I play soccer because its such a fun sport and it occupies my mind and frees me from everything else going on. I get to push myself, and I like that.”

There’s an upside and a downside to everything, so I asked about the benefits of playing soccer. “Soccer benefits me by keeping me in shape. It’s something I love, and it keeps me busy. It helps me learn to work with the people around me.” As for the downside she said, “It would have to be all the injuries. It doesn’t happen often though. There really aren’t any negatives when it comes to playing   soccer that I can see besides that.”

“The best part about soccer is during the game and the only thing you’re focused on is trying to score.” She says. “It really makes you feel alive.”

She informed me about offense and defense in the game of soccer.  “Offense tries to score; therefore, they run up field. Defense stops the other team from trying to score; the last line of defense is before the goal. Defense is what I play and it’s a really exciting position.”

“I would like to play soccer in the future.” Alayna claimed. “Id like to play for the rest of high school and maybe for a college.”