Supernatural– Mythical Creatures

Real or Fake?

Supernatural-- Mythical Creatures

Alexis Murphy, Contributor

Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think that some or all mythical creatures are real? Are you a believer? If not then why? Is it that you only believe by seeing? Do you only believe in certain creatures? Well it’s time to think about it. For me I do believe in the so called supernatural mythical creatures. One of which my belief is so strong in is mermaids. What about you?

Some of these creatures that people believe in are famous, like the giant roc that captured Sinbad, the cyclops blinded by Ulysses, the dragon killed by St. George or the Loch Ness Monster that still supposedly roils the waters of Scotland. While others like the kappa or Sedna or Chupacabra have more local followings and less epic histories.

But mythological beings really know no national boundary, nor, for that matter, any other kind. They appear in oral tradition as if they were a part of the natural world, yet they leave behind no tangible trace other than images in folk art, along with frightening legends and frightened children. Is there a story that you know about a weird creature that you parents told you when you acted up? On the other hand did your parents tell you more of a joyful story about happy creatures living out there in harmony?

The universe has yet to be fully explored just like the ocean. So who is to say what can or can’t exist?  My point exactly no one can say that certain things don’t exist because they don’t know for sure that are just some non-believers trying to crush your hopes and dreams. In my opinion, anything can exist whether you believe or not. Most of the universe is unexplored; therefore, don’t lose hope yet. Let’s just say that there is a planet with only mermaids, unicorns and fairies living in harmony and we just didn’t know it yet.

My point is don’t let anyone tell you what can or can’t exist. You can believe whatever you want. So next time someone says witches or something you strongly believe in don’t exist just ask them to prove to you that they don’t and watch what happens.