Student Athlete Interview

Meet senior, Jaylen Mitchell


Tameika Porter, Contributor

Q. How do you like football? 

I love it! If you ask me it’s the best sport

Q. What inspired you to become a football player?

It first started when I watch it on TV and I wanted to try it out for myself. My mom wouldn’t let me at first because she said it was too dangerous, but then she got convinced to let me play. 

Q. What are your expectation to become a better football player?

To work hard every day, and become a better person than the person in front of me.

Q. What are the requirements you will need to be on the football team here at Hardaway?

You will have to have good grades, and also be a very dedicated, hard worker.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a football player?

To keep working and never give up no matter how hard it gets!

Q. What is your favorite NFL Football team?

My favorite football NFL team is Carolina Panthers.

Q. How did you learn how to play football?

I was taught by different coaches on how to play different positions, but when I got to a certain age I started learning how to play and focus on a certain position. I also worked on getting better and better at being a running back.

Q. Is there a specific height and weight you have to be to be a football here at Hardaway?

No, there is not position weight or height to be; you just have to be willing to put in the amount of work necessary to become a football player.

Q. What are your motivations?

My motivations for playing are for me is to make my mom proud of me and put a smile on her face.