Why A Wall is Necessary to Border Defense

An Op-Ed by Josh Wallis

Why A Wall is Necessary to Border Defense

Josh Wallis, Contributor

With the recent government shutdown being the result of congress not affording President Trump the money to fund his border wall it has become a hot topic around the country and today I am going to explain why we need a border wall for a couple reasons monetary, safety and talk about refugees

The first reason we need a border wall is that illegal immigrants cost the U.S. around $100 Billion a year as reported by the Bluefield Daily Telegraph and that’s a large chunk of change for the American people to shell out yearly (2.5 % of our yearly budget of 4 trillion) for people they have no obligation to, in comparison the wall at the highest estimates would cost around 20 billion to initially build (or 0.5% of our yearly budget) so the U.S. would save nearly 2% of our yearly budget which is a lot when you’re talking in trillions of dollars.

The second reason I have for the border wall is safety. The Bluefield Daily Telegraph reports that in 2018 illegal immigrants were responsible for 506 assault, battery, and domestic violence cases, 322 burglary, robbery, larceny, theft, and fraud, and 1,062 driving under the influence among many other violent crime convictions in 2018. Now is there some good people who were unable to come here legally and to ensure the betterment of their family’s but the fact is we must protect American citizens before citizens of other countries.

The third reason is an argument I’d like to refute and that is illegal immigrants that are flooding our borders are refugees that need help but this is simply not true as a refugee is defined by international law and unrefugee.org as a person who flees their home country in order to escape war, persecution, or violence and many if not all the illegals do not fit this definition and are leaving their country simply because it sucks. The second claim about the border.

In conclusion a border wall is absolutely necessary for the safety and continuation of our great nation.