Dead by Daylight

The Most Toxic Community?


Kendarius Walker, Contributor

Alright so, Dead by Daylight, an asymmetric survival horror game developed and published by Behavior Interactive was released on the Microsoft Windows operating system in June 2016 and released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home consoles in June 2017. The basic concept is a 1 versus 4, 1 killer 4 survivors setup.  That may seem unfair or unbalanced right? Well, survivors can’t attack the killer and their prime objective is to escape, while the killer’s is to kill them all and prevent that from happening. Enough about the game itself; let’s talk about its “wonderful” community!

As you can see, I was being quite sarcastic, Dead by Daylight has an extremely toxic community in my opinion. Like some of the people in the community can’t seem to understand the concept of different ways of playing the game. I have a friend that plays the game, and he constantly getting messaged by other players complaining about how he plays. Granted in some cases, it’s justified because there are ways to play the game that are even frowned upon by the game itself. Doing certain things within the game rewards you with less points and players could possibly report you for these actions. Those reasons right there are understandable, but if your playing in a way you enjoy, and you don’t experience constant problems with people then it seems as if players will find a way to complain and send you a very “pleasant” message about how amazing of a person you are! –Just the opposite, actually.

The point is that some of  the people in the DBD community are just overall rude people. Most people will just send you a message about how bad you are then leave it be. Then there are the ones who can’t shut up and will become keyboard warriors–people who spend 90% of their time insulting people about how they play instead of playing the game–that just won’t leave you be. It can go on for months and it just won’t stop going on and on. I could never fully enjoy playing the game with people like that constantly complaining about someone else’s style of playing. I understand to an extent, but sometimes it just goes way too far and could have easily been stopped. The developers just don’t do anything about these toxic people. The fact that they can easily ban people and everything is baffling to me.