How Briana Howell Earned Gold @ Skills USA

An Unexpected Win of the Day

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How Briana Howell Earned Gold @ Skills USA

Nyla Paul, Contributor

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This last Friday the 7 HHS competitors for Skills USA went and competed and I interviewed an amazing student named Briana Howell who won gold at the competition. Learning about this amazing club with Brianna and her win was the best thing I did all day. It made me feel like I won with them. I learned about the club and the completion and I am here to share it with all of you because this is a great story about a club that you maybe didn’t even know existed on our campus.

I didn’t even know what Skills USA was about, and I’m pretty sure you might not know either so I asked. They work on team work in construction, and there are not a lot of them. The construction teacher, Mr. Grantham, is the coach of the club.

Briana got involved in the construction class first,  and joined the club when Mr. Grantham encouraged her to do so.

So what we came here for the competition–I asked Briana about the competition and she said that it was so much fun ! She was very nervous. She said when they arrived at Columbus Tech that morning, there was an opening ceremony at 8:30. Afterward, she went to a holding to room until it was time for her to compete which was 9:30. There were 13 schools there competing so the pressure was on!

Briana competed in the category of Job Skill Demonstration. She demonstrated about how to properly put on a safety harness. This blows my mind because I don’t even know that would be something you compete and do at a competition. Briana said the best part was that she feels like now she knows how to speak in front of an audience despite being nervous.  Even with some last minute changes that caused Briana to be really nervous, she overcame her nerves and won Gold!

The next step for our winners is going to State, and we have never made it to Nationals so she is trying to break that record. If you see Briana in the halls or have a class with her, tell her “Congrats!”