Is High School Like What You See in the Movies?

An Editorial by Nyla Paul

 Is High School Like What You See in the Movies?

Nyla Paul, Contributor

I know all of us have watched those movies staged in high school, where the students are just having the time of their lives and are living the happiest years of their lives. Of course, we all know that real high school is not like the movies at all, but I’m going to go through the main events of what happens in a high school movie and compare it to actual high school. Just remember though, when you watched those movies before you got to high school you were definitely disappointed in what actual high school is like.

True love/first love situation: In every movie I have watched and in almost every high school  movie, there is a love story in it. Sometimes that’s the plot of the movie about a girl being in love with that one guy and trying to get him. Or maybe it’s opposite. In these movies there’s always a true love story.  I feel like falling in love is atomically set that’s a passage in high schoolers go through because it is in every high school movie. Like everyone meets their first love in high school. Comparing that to real high school it’s kind of true. I feel like a lot of people fall in love or lust in high school and get there first real boyfriends or girlfriends during this time. They fall in love in high school, go to prom, and basically spend the rest of their lives together. Most of the time this is not true. Some don’t even make it to prom. Dating now days, people don’t really love each other anymore or even know what it means.

Cliques or groups /popular people: In the movies, that popular group of girls always rules the school. Everyone wants to be them. They envy them but hate them at the same time. They walk around and every boy wants to be with them, but really there something internally wrong with them. Compared to regular high school, is there cliques? I wouldn’t call it cliques but there are groups of friends that always hangout with each other. Is there popular people, yeah, but people don’t envy them or look down on themselves because they want to be them. They definitely don’t rule the school they might just wear cute clothes to school but they don’t have every boy drooling over them and everyone leaning to them, AT ALL.

Finding themselves/finding true friends: In some high school movies they have to discover who they want to be or who they truly are. Or also they find out who their true friends are, and see who they should surround themselves with. Comparing this to real high school I do feel that a lot of students find themselves in high school and find out who they won’t to be and were they’re going. Also I feel in high school you do discover who your true friends are.

Is high school like the movies? No, not all the way. The movie portrays it to be, but then again, you have to remember that it is for entertainment. It’s not all the way true but high school is a time of what you make it. So make your high school experience happy. It won’t be like that every day, but try to have fun. It is four years of your life. Also watch a high school staged movie too most of the time they are really funny.