OpEd by Lily Toohey


LIly Toohey, Contributor

The #MeToo movement is a huge movement currently happening. It is a movement addressing sexual harassment and sexual assault. The movement spread virally in October of 2017, in an attempt to bring attention to sexual harassment victims and to essentially prevent sexual assault.   Women are typically the ones that are thought of when people think of sexual assault, but the #MeToo movement does not just focus on women, but also men. This movement has spread across the world so people from everywhere can share their stories. The #MeToo movement was started almost a decade ago, but has been recently noticed. I believe that more attention should have been put on the movement sooner, so more people could speak up instead of sitting in silence. The #MeToo movement has caused problems with celebrities. People claim that the movement is losing its meaning and that people are claiming to be a victim so that someone gets into trouble.

I believe the #MeToo movement is one of the most important movements to be virally spread throughout social media. With the #MeToo movement, both men and women are able to share their stories and can receive support.  In past years, people where ashamed and were scared to bring up the topic of sexual assault, but with movements like this, people can openly and freely share their personal stories.

I asked two girls and one boy their opinions on the #MeToo movement.

Do you know what the #MeToo Movement is?

Girl #1: “Not really.”

Girl #2: “Yeah, it is about men and women who have been sexually harassed coming together.”

Boy: “Kind of.”

Why do you think the movement is now getting noticed?

Girl #1: “The movement is getting noticed because it is now against famous big name people. These big name people are causing the attention to shift towards this movement.”

Girl #2: “Because of all the celebrities coming out for other celebrities saying that they were sexually abused by them.”

Boy: “Political reasons.”

Do you think that this movement is helping people are causing more problems?

Girl #1: “ It is causing more problems because it is not being used for the right reasons anymore, it is being used for publicity things.”

Girl #2: “It’s a mixture of both because some people have taken a while to admit they are a victim, and now it is being presented all at once.”

Boy: “Causes more problems because it is politicized and is meant to separate people.”

I believe the #MeToo movement is important even though it has its downfalls. People can share their stories and get support when they need it. The movement needs to start focusing on helping people and not using the platform for the wrong reasons.