GMAS Stress?

Tips for surviving the end of the year tests!

GMAS Stress?

Lily Toohey, Contributor

I asked a group of people that are in some of my classes, how they would describe me. This included work ethic, personality, etc. I asked people who were my really close friends, and asked people who I only talk to in a few classes. I got answers back like playful, outgoing, attentive, energetic, friendly, social butterfly, and caring. But I did get some responses saying I was determined, perfectionist, motivated, always ready, and I put myself to very high standards.  Frankly, all the replies I got are VERY true. With all the replies saying I am motivated, determined, perfectionist, and I put myself to very high standards, all stems from the fact that I am almost always stressed about tests and school work.  I have always been considered the “smart” girl. Yes, it can feel good to be called “smart”, but having that title causes me to be scared of failure. “What if people no longer think I am smart if I fail this test?” “Will my parents still be proud of me if I fail?” These are questions I ask myself.

My parents have always been proud of me, no matter if my grade was an 106% or a 76%.  Also, being a sophomore IB student puts even more pressure on me, because I have to maintain good grades. I have almost always had A’s and B’s , but in high school I have kept all A’s or really high B’s. People find it ridiculous when I get upset over an 80 on a report card. I set myself to really high standards and when I don’t achieve those standards I beat myself up over it. I have to remind myself that I do work hard to keep my grades high, but I am human and I may fail sometimes

I am currently in the middle of doing GMA testing. And you may be feeling like me, overwhelmed, stressed, and scared. I have been freaked out for the last couple weeks, that I may fail my GMA, then fail those classes, and have to do credit recovery or get held back. I know I am being ridiculous but that is what my type of stress does to me.

How do I get over this stress? I have a couple of tricks I do to help relieve stress when it comes to school.

  • I have one friend who encourages me and hypes me up before a test.
  • The night before I take a bath and use a bath bomb and put on a face mask.
  • If I am stressed about a test, about a week or a couple days before the test, I study till I feel like I like I have been productive enough. I learned that when I am stressed, I have to do something about it to make myself feel confident.
  • I pray or I write in my journal to God. God gives you strength to achieve greatness.
  • I face my stress head on! I just go into my test or finish that assignment as best as I can.
  • Remind myself that doing my best is all I can do.

I am always that person that works hard, but consistently stress myself out. There is nothing wrong with being an overachiever or motivated, but when you have an extreme fear of failure and are always stressed out, it is okay to tell yourself that just by studying and putting in effort you can get far. Put your best effort in and that is the best you can do!