It’s That Time of the Year Again!

Dazed and confused


Cayson Adkinson, Contributor

Welcome back, our soaring Hardaway Hawks. With August rolling in, you all know what that means, a new school year and more freshmen. Let us not hate our underclassmen: after all they might be reading this piece, and because we were once in their shoes. We all know those feelings at the start of high school like confusion, disorientation, possibly even fear, I’m not one to judge. These feelings, however, come with trying anything new really and every school year you will be trying something new. That’s the point of school. As a senior, every time I’ve walked through those doors in August and went to my first classes, they’ve had new opportunities for me to try and experience and the same will be true for you. Some of these things you might not have a choice in, but they’re meant to help you in the long run. One thing I would like all of my fellow Hawks to know is this, that no matter how bad you think you’ve messed up your grades, there’s no point in not trying to fix it. I know my first year that I was not the best student. I slept in many classes, didn’t do homework, and just had a bad work ethic in general. I didn’t despair though, and once I realized how bad it was, I put all of my effort into trying to fix it. Don’t get me wrong, my GPA still isn’t something to brag about and I still snooze from time to time in school, but I’m trying to be the best that I can be. That’s all we can do as ourselves. Don’t think you need to be perfect, but don’t just slack off all the time. Find the balance that works for you and more importantly your future. I didn’t have someone to tell me that and maybe some of you don’t either, so please at least keep it in the back of your head. Besides that, I don’t have too much advice to give you all for this year. For any non-seniors, I would highly suggest to go ahead and start looking at jobs to shadow. I know you might think you have a few years before it’s a worry, but time is a silent thief who takes without warning. I would also like to say please for the love of everyone, act mature this year. The last thing anyone would want is for us to be deprived of pep rallies for yet another year. There’s no need for that all that extra stuff, you all know how to act. Thank you Hardaway Hawks for taking the time to read this piece and I hope each and everyone of you realizes your potential and has a great school year.