HHS Marching Band –New Year, New Director, New Sound

Hardaway’s Marching Band is back and better than Ever!

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HHS Marching Band –New Year, New Director, New Sound

Nicole Blair, Contributor

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This year the Hardaway Marching Hawks are back with a new approach and a different sound! Under the direction of Lindsey Slogget, the Hawks will take the field playing selections from the very famous musical: The Phantom of the Opera. They have worked really hard since July to turn these pieces into a show.

Not only is there a new director, but there is also a new drum major as well! Our very own Ky’dae Scott is Hardaway’s new drum major. Ky’dae has been in the marching band for four consecutive years and is a very close friend of mine. He was a section leader for two years, leading the clarinet section for one year and the whole woodwind section last year. I’ve watched him grow into the amazing leader that he is this year. If anyone deserves this position, it is him! These are his thoughts on the position:

“I wanted to be drum major because everyone thought I should be, and I felt the most qualified to do it. I look forward to the harmony of both the music and the people within the band working together to make that possible. I also look forward to the games, competitions, and potential pep rallies. I face the challenge of actually being aggressive and assertive without seeming like a mean person because a lot of people say I am naturally “sassy.” My biggest responsibility is making sure that everyone is in line so that we polished and professional.”

Another leader is Ava Crowell, who serves as the band’s librarian. The librarian is in charge of finding music, copying music, and writing out parts if necessary. Our librarian, Ava, is looking forward to the competitions. “I want to make sure that we make all superiors this year. My goal is to be more together as a band and to get along more and have better teamwork.”

I serve as the manager of the band. Being the manager seems like an easy task, but not quite so much. Imagine it being 97 degrees and/or above and you having to move four or five xylophones and other percussion equipment. Not so easy anymore,  huh? Besides that, there are a lot of perks of being the manager. At the parades, we get to stand in the front holding up the banner high and proud. We get to experience the games and competitions as well.

Hardaway’s band is definitely something to look for this year. The new direction that the musicianship is going in is amazing. Let’s support our Marching Hawks at our football games because halftime is game time for us!