Hardaway’s Book Club

Come and Explore, Gain Knowledge, and Read!

Hardaway's Book Club

Nyla Paul, Contributor

Even though a lot of high school students don’t like to read, and I know when you hear “Book Club,” you don’t always think of good things, but I’m here to tell you that Book Club is a good club to join. Even if you don’t like to read, the club makes reading fun. Even though that sounds corny, it can be fun. This club is very laid back and is nice to be in. So for the people who like to read and even for the ones that don’t, let me tell you about this club.

The sponsor of this club is Ms. Bailey, the media specialist, for our school and of course she sponsors our book club. The first meeting is September 4, 2019, and we will be discussing what you have read if you have already read.  There’s no requirement! You just have to show up and see if you like it. That’s really not a bad thing. The book club meets monthly during lunch so you don’t even have to come after school to be a part of this club. Instead of eating school lunch, Ms. Bailey provides pizza during the meeting. Every month you have to choose from the selections, and read a book. Then come prepared to discuss the book, have some lunch, and spend time with others who read the same books.

Book club is about readers sharing what they read, encouraging others to read, and it actively engages your brain. Ms. Bailey states “That she would like to see more members.” As someone who is in the club, I would like to see that too because it helps when there is more people in the club, and it makes it better when sharing what you read. There are benefits of begin in book club; you get to meet people you might never meet otherwise,  you talk about interesting topics, and it’s an open space to express your views and comments on the works we read. As Ms. Bailey says “ If you go to lunch, you’re giving your body food, but if you come to book club you feed your brain and your body.” Ms. Bailey loves to read and that’s the reason she started the book club and even got her job as a media specialist. She can’t always sit down with the book club because she has to run the library; so most of the time, she gets a worker from the public library to run it and if she can she joins the discussion.

If you decide to come out– look to the back of the library at the table in the back near the restroom and water fountain, and that is where we will be. One of Ms. Bailey favorite quotes about reading is “A man who does not read books has no advantage over a man who cannot read them” (Mark Twain). So come out and join Hardaway’s Book Club!