Hardaway Chamber Choir

Singing into the future!


Alaiyna Tarvin, Contributor

Hey guys! Do you love to sing? I sure do, and I would like to introduce the Chamber Choir to you. This club is sponsored by Ms.Dunn. The first ever club meeting will be held on September 16. The president of this cub is Joslyn Hall, the vice president is Jaquan Bryant, the secretary is Tre’ann Lovelady, and the treasurer is Eriyanna Hayes. I asked Ms. Dunn what her goals were for this club, and she said that she wants to do a middle school tour where chamber choir will visit and perform, and then we will proceed to do a question and answer with students. This will help us tell the middle school students about the transition from middle school to high school, and hopefully make the transition smoother.

Activities that are possibly associated with this club are that you will be able to go off campus and sing to different groups of people, and you can let your inner self shine! This kind of creative endeavor will help you to not be afraid of who you want to be. and that’s what chambers is bringing to the table.  You can be you, and nobody will judge you. The mission for this club is for our community to recognize and gain a new appreciation for the Hardaway High School chorus through our performances. We don’t just want to be known as just another club at Hardaway; we want to be talked about! For example, we want people to say: “Have you heard about the Chamber Club? They can sing!”

I joined the choir in 8th grade, and I have been in it ever since. It makes me feel free like I can be who I want. I have sung in a church, and I enjoy singing with my sisters during road trips. Singing is another way to express what you are feeling.The first meeting will be September 16 after school so listen for the announcement during first period.