Fast and Furious Movie Review

Hobbs and Shaw

Sarah White, Contributor

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The new movie, Fast and Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw, was outstanding in my opinion. It displayed many heartwarming elements of unity throughout the entire film. If you have never seen a Hobbs & Shaw movie, they are an extension of The Fast and Furious. Throughout this movie both Luke Hobbs and Deckard are recruited based off their secret skills to help save the world. However, it took a lot to get them there. Hobbs and Shaw have a history as work partners, but that didn’t go too well before. Despite the issues between these two agents, teamwork was an amazing compromise that was made. This is a phenomenal family friendly movie. The cast uses an extreme amount of teamwork and determination. It was also a cultural learning experience. When the partners had nothing to turn to family was vital. However, the island was not prepared with destructive weapons, everyone just comes together  to take on the battle against evil. This movie was so interesting and enforces so much unity. It was beautiful, but lets see what some peers had to say. Savannah Dixon, a junior here at Hardaway has seen  the movie as well. She says “It gave me chills and left me in shock that all of that was possible. It was action packed and made me thankful for my family.” Nina Grinnell, also a junior here at Hardaway, went to see Hobbs & Shaw with her friends thinks “Everyone NEEDS to see it, and I promise you’ll love it.”  

During Fall, there are usually just several scary movies out. If you aren’t a fan of themthis is one of the few selections that you will enjoy! There are comedic elements in the movie, so the movie isn’t too serious and intense the whole time. This film evenly distributes: action, humor, and love. However, it is not a typical love story. There is love for each other as a partnership when Hobbs & Shaw finally move past their disagreements and realize how they matter to each other. This a fantastic film and 10 out of 10 is the rating I give it!