Sights and Smells @ HHS

Observing the Area by Construction

Sights and Smells @ HHS

Latia Payne and Ben Holman-Williams



The journalism assignment that was given to Ben and myself was to view the area by construction and get some information without talking or interacting with anyone. We witnessed a lot of things that go on around that time. We had to stand in that assigned area for fifteen minutes, while documenting what happened.

While sitting in the area by construction, we observed students working on projects.  The smell of wood was very strong in that area;  you can also smell paint.  They used different tools and sawed wood. The students got along with one another very well and communicated to each other as they were getting their assignments completed. I heard some students working with bricks that banged on the ground as they dropped them. We observed saw dust from wood that was being cut up into strips. As the door from the classroom opened and shut, we heard Mr. Grantham teaching the class, then heard him getting onto misbehaving students.

As we sat in the area, we also saw administrators and teachers walking in the halls. Some students were skipping class, while others were late running to their class. We also listened to some of the conversations that the teachers had with students that were outside instead of inside classrooms. Some students were angry about the amount of trouble they were going to get into, and we saw students angry about being kicked out of class. This part of our observing was chaotic and filled with disturbances.

Off in the distance of all the tool sounds and banging noises, we heard the theater group practicing. We heard people singing in the background, and the teacher was also discussing events while teaching. From the parking lot you can hear JROTC practicing drill and marches. Buses were starting to drive up and big clouds of smoke appeared with the smell of gasoline.

These are the sounds of a typical day here at HHS where the sights and sounds of a school day are varied- some pleasing and some not so pleasing.