Amaris Puryear- IB Student

A New Face in Hardaway's IB Programme


Nevaeh Sorrell, Sorrell

Amaris Puryear has been a good friend of mine for years. She has a brilliant mind that amazes me every single day. But when she told me that she was enrolled in IB, it shocked me because it really wasn’t her style. I wanted to know why she of all people would choose to be enrolled in IB. So I sat down with her one day and we talked about it.  The first question I asked was the obvious one. “Why did you choose to join IB?” She replied by saying “I joined IB for the fun of it; school was getting boring so I wanted to challenge myself.”  That I could understand that school can get boring if you feel like you aren’t being challenged. So then I asked her if she felt like IB was a challenge compared to just being a regular education Hardaway student, and she answered my question by saying: “Honestly, with work it isn’t really hard but you have to be even more focused, more determined,  and be prepared for everything / anything.” So then I asked her what her experience was so far in IB?  And she told me “IB is sa great experience so far. I mean I don’t like all the test but it’s goods.” Next I asked her how the student were, and she said “ The students are nice and cool. I thought they would be stuck up, but they are all sweet.” The next question I asked her caught her by surprise. I asked If she was planning on staying in the IB program and she replied by saying “Ummmm yeah , I guess . I’ve meet new people, and I feel challenged and that’s all I wanted.” 

I’m so happy for her and I wish her the best in her IB journey !