Life Outside of the Discipline Office

Journalism students complete an observation writing assignment


Taylor Williams and Sarah White, Contributors

Outside the discipline office is a moderately busy area in Hardaway High School. On October 21, 2019, two Journalism students were asked to go and sit and observe this area during 7th period, and again the following day. Preceding this observation, the area was presumed to be quite empty, since the students have class time during the time of the observation, along with the presumption that the students at Hardaway were not disobedient enough to overflow the hallway beside the discipline office awaiting their sanction. However, the concluding evidence as more awkward than anything else.

A student was seen getting his cardio workouts finished and out of the way during 7th period by roaming the hallways, appearing to be going in a large circle throughout the school numerous times. He was not disobeying the “no phone” policy, which makes him almost a hero in any administrator’s eyes and a model for all students at Hardaway, because it is extremely hard to follow that rule. Many other students were seen strolling the halls with a friend or small group, while other students were alone, more than likely on their way to the restroom. Others were walking along with friends, or met their friend in the hallway. Their conversations were not as interesting as one would hope they would be considering we were eavesdropping. Conversations were either about receiving a dollar for the drink machine or girls gossiping about their boyfriends. Two girls were heard talking about the color orange, but we must have missed the interesting part! The discipline office itself had students coming in and out fairly frequently, but it was deemed to be the same handful of students getting into trouble both days. 

Hardaway High School teachers were often seen walking through the hallway, but at a more efficient pace than the students just waiting for the 3:25 bell to ring. Coach Getkins was heard talking about the newly paved parking lot near the gym. 

The highlight of this whole observation experience was watching Ms. Carr do her job with so much elegance. Throughout the two days, Ms. Carr was always busy helping with or handling business. She demonstrated a quick pace if she needed to leave her desk, not wanting to displease anyone who may be looking for her while she was not at her desk. Ms. Carr kept the unruly children under control until an administrator was able to determine the fate of the child. She was very sweet to any student who needed a car pas, or help with a question. She is also educated in the nursing profession, as she filled in as school nurse while the actual nurse had already left. Both days, importantly noted, she was dressed very cute; she probably gets her clothes at high-end stores. In conclusion, we have concluded that Ms. Carr is the foundation of Hardaway High School.