The Ancient Sleigh 

Dante and Lui’s adventure with their sleigh through the cold winter air   


Alayah Dial, Contributor

It’s a quiet and cold morning outside as me and my friend travel through the snowy forest close to the kingdom. My friend, Lui, and I were looking to find some wood for our fireplace at home. “Do you think this old thing can get through this snow?” Lui said as he placed his hand on our old sleigh that we gotten as a present from the king for being good knights during the snowstorm years ago. “Don’t look down on our best friendLui, that sleigh has been through just about everything,” I responded at I stared at the red paint of our magical but ancient looking sleigh. “That’s the thing, Dante, doesn’t this sleigh seem strange to you?” Lui asked. “What are you referring too?” I questioned as I turned to him. “I mean this,” He said as he revealed some wording on the side of the sleigh. “What does that say?” I asked him. “Its strange wording but, I think it says, owned by S…Santa Claus,” Lui answered. Santa Claus? I think I heard of that name before in an old history book,” I said. “Old history book?” He asked as he turned to me. “Yeah, he was someone who gave out presents on Christmas to the good kids. He also traveled by a sleigh drawn by reindeer that can fly. Someeven to this day, say that he truly existed years back,” I said cheerfully. “Enough of your jokes Royal Knight, Dante. There is no way that this person has ever existed, that would mean that magic existed,” Lui exclaimed. “You have to believe me, I even put the liveof everyone in Axel kingdom that I’m telling the truth,” I said. “Don’t you dare speak that way Dante, there is no way… that he exist…ed,” he suddenly went quiet and he stared behind me. “What is it Lui?” I asked then turned around to see that the sleigh was now floating in the air. “This is unbelievable, how could the king give us something like this. Did he know about this thing?” Lui asked as he yelled. I grabbed onto the sleigh and began to climb up. “What are you doing Dante?” He yelled as he stared at me. “Maybe this sleigh will take us to Santa Claus,” I said“Huh?” he questioned. “Just come up here,” I said as I pulled him up on the sleighThe moment I pulled Lui up, the sleigh began to take off at full speed in the air“Ahhhhh!” Lui yelled in complete fear. “Oh, yeah!” I yelled cheerfully. After some time, the sleigh landed in front of a house far in the woods. Lui and I jumped down and knock on the door of the house. “Hello?” the both of us said as we knocked. The door was opened a little and a small human appeared behind it. “Who are you?” the person said. “We were brought here by this sleigh  before I could finish, the person swung open the door. “Please come in,” they said. We slowly walked in and saw many other small people in the room. “Sir, we have a guest,” one of them said. Suddenly an elderly man with a long white beard came from a room and greeted us. “I’m assuming that my old sleigh brought you here,” the man said. “Are you – “ Lui was cut off by one of the small humans. “Allow us to introduce ourselves, he is Santa Claus and we are his Elves,” The guy said. “Wait, so you’re actually real?” I asked shockinglyPerhaps,” Santa said as he turned away. “Perhaps?” Lui questioned. “That was a long time ago, I’ve have ended that lifestyle long ago. It is only me and my elves now that I have let my deer go free and given my sleigh away,” He said as he sat down. “But sir, I’m sure that there are many children that would love to hear about you,” I said. You see, back in my beginning years off being Santa Claus was fun but, as I got older and older the traditional Christmas began to change and many children started to forget about me. So, I decided that I will finally take a break from being the Santa Claus that every kid loves forever. Besides I just don’t think I have the spirit anymore,” He said. “But I’m sure that your sleigh missed you very much, Sir,” Lui spoke up. “Please take care of that old thing for me,” Santa said. “But,” I said. “I think what the sleigh really wanted was for someone to remember that Santa truly existed and wasn’t just make believe,” one of the elves said. Lui and I went quiet as we looked down to the floor. “Don’t you two have to go, isn’t there a festival today?” Santa asked. “Oh right, we have to go,” Lui said. We both ran to the door and exited the home. “Oh, and by the way you two, Merry Christmas,” Santa said then closed the of his house and suddenly we appeared in the same forest we were in earlier. “Huh? How did we end up back here?” I questioned. “How did he know it was Christmas?” I thought to myself. “Dante, the sleigh,” Lui said as he pointed to the side of the sleighThe side of the sleigh now had the words, Owned by: Royal Knights, Lui and Dante, replacing the old words from before. “So, it really did want us to meet Santa,” Lui said. “Our Secret Ancient Sleigh,” I said as I smiled and remembered SantaThen, suddenly the sounds of bells ringing could be heard. “Ohthat’s right, the festival! We got to get going,” Lui said has he began to pull the sleigh. We both made our way towards the kingdom remembering our experience today and that we will never forget the true owner of our Ancient Sleigh. 

-The End